About the site where the city of Ruvo was originally built.

Is the city of Ruvo on the back of a hill which makes it much higher than all other nearby cities, and consequently appears at a longer distance. The air we breathe is healthy and perfect a sign that many convalescent de nearby places are there to recover except those only who suffer chest pain. The town occupies not the actual summit of the hill, but rather the slope of it watching the noonday. The top of the hill is to the north of the city far a quarter mile. It is the same currently occupied by a magnificent church and a convent of PP. Reformed under the title of S. Angelo. You can enjoy a wonderful view from that point, which are enchanted all strangers happen in Ruvo, and bring it expressly to enjoy it. Are subjected to the same view all the beautiful Adriatic city from Barletta to Bari that are built on its coast. Ventilation there is strong. All the winds, and especially the northern winds dominate so that point that those who wish to keep fixed dwellings, would pay a dear price the advantage of the most beautiful view, and most cheerful that can be desired.

Giovanni Jatta

“Cenno storico sull’antichissima città di Ruvo nella Peucezia” – 1844