Hunting Bulletin 1891

dalbollettino di caccia1891

The ancestors used to see each other and organize hunting trips, here at Parco del Conte, infact that the farmhouse was born just for this purpose. Brothers and cousins would gather together with friends, to go hunting, take long walks and enjoy the outdoors and nature together with their ever-present dogs.

Carry a hunting photograph and the title page of one of the two  Hunting “registers” still in our possession, with the list of participants:

  1. Francesco Jatta, direttore
  2. Giuseppe Jatta (Conoscitore di luoghi)
  3. Pasquale Jatta – Benemerito
  4. Mauro Jatta (fanfara)
  5. Domenico Andrea Spada (vivandiere)
  6. Biagio Jatta (attaché)
  7. Michele Jatta (?????)
  8. Filippo Jatta  (?????)
  9. Gabriele del Monaco (cap. in posizione ??????)
  10. Francesco de Rosa (supplente)
  11. Confaloniere: Raffaele Cotugno
  12. ???????: Salvatore Fenicia
  13. Retroguardia: Cesare Spada
  14. Antonio Fenicia …..

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